• Able to work well within a team and independently in a knowledgeable and capable manner to accomplish and exceed all goals that have been set
  • Able to communicate complicated procedures, concepts, or processes concisely


  • Proficient in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, email, inventory software (Syspro) and internet search engines and experienced in MS Excel


  • Able to stay organized under high stress and with multiple projects through prioritization, setting deadlines, and strong time management
  • Systematic and methodical approach to tasks that is both detail and goal oriented


  • Reliable and dependable, with a strong work ethic and commitment to the task at hand
  • Proven ability to easily adapt to new tasks and environments, evidenced by a summer of working in four separate branches and receiving praise from each supervisor


University of British Columbia

Vancouver, B.C 2007- present

Bachelor of Arts Co-op Program

Major: Political Science Minor: English Literature

  • Arts One: An intensive first year course encompasing Literature, History, and Philosophy
  • Introduction to Canadian Politics, Introduction to Global Politics, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Currents of Political Thought


Office Assistant

UBC Arts Co-op Office May-August 2009

  • Reviewed students’ applications and offered advice for improvement to educate the students on techniques for writing cover letters and resumes
  • Communicated in person, by phone and email with students, employers, and faculty to provide accurate information regarding the program
  • Organized and administrated the interactions between students and employers

Accounts Receiving Clerk

Administration Department of Trail Appliances July 2007- May 2009

  • Processed between 75- 150 daily records of inventory accurately in a short period of time
  • Provided warm and welcoming customer service by arranging customers’ pick-ups of appliances and collecting payment
  • Kept customers constantly informed about their delivery date and account balances
  • Solved problems relating to discrepancies in inventory such as missing stock, incorrect data entry, and lost paperwork and with customers’ account balances such as late payment, incorrect credit information, and additional deposits to cover outgoing product
  • Balanced daily cash and credit with amounts from $500-3,000


Various Store Locations of Trail Appliances May- August + December 2008

  • Provided cheerful and friendly customer service by solving general issues raised by customers and connecting customers to further information and salespeople
  • Provided solutions to customer concerns to ensure satisfaction
  • Balanced daily cash and credit between $2,000- 10,000
  • Coordinated customer information and deliveries by entering customers’ personal information into the in-house data base (Syspro), confirming and writing orders, collecting payment from $500-10,000, and scheduling the best available delivery time

General Committee Member of the Volunteerism Fair; Presenter’s Host

Zenith 2008 Global Citizenship Conference October 2007- May 2008

  • Contacted 20 well known non-profit organizations, such as the Canadian Cancer Society, by phone and email to invite them to participate in the Volunteerism Fair
  • Communicated with interested organizations any details of the conference and answered all questions relating to the Volunteerism Fair and the conference
  • Contributed to the planning of the conference, which included organizing booths, communicating between committees, and providing constant assistance when needed
  • Hosted a presenter of a seminar, which involved monitoring the timing of presentation, caring for the presenter’s comfort, and guiding him through the conference
  • Introduced and concluded the seminar with a brief outline of the presentation, a small biography of the presenter, and instructions for the next segment of the conference
  • Assisted in the running of the conference, which involved providing directions to confused attendees, providing refreshments, and assisting where needed


  • Passport to Education (2007)
  • Principal’s Honour Roll Award from J.N. Burnett Secondary School (2007)
  • Recommended for English Honours Program by Arts One professor

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